Paige Callaway

I am the Paige in Paige 1912.  With a love for fashion, business and nice horses I am fortunate to spend my time between all three.  My love for fashion is something I think I was born with and am fortunate to have turned into a career.  Another great stroke of luck is the experience I have had first hand growing up with entrepreneurial parents and working for a start up company out of college.  I enjoy the business side as much as I enjoy the designing side of things.  When I’m not working or designing you can find me in the saddle.  I have a growing herd of horses that bring me both challenges and joy, each with their own personality and talents.  One of the motivating factors of me starting a business was the freedom to rodeo and train horses.  Finding that balance is rewarding.  I believe  how we do one thing, is how we do everything.  For me, quality is a big factor whether we are talking about training horses, manufacturing shirts or making decisions on the direction of the business.  


The Inspiration

I have spent a majority of my life with horses, competing and training primarily around rodeo.  Through a unique chain of events I attended couturier (very specified tailoring) school and learned about garment construction, textiles and creating properly fitted clothing.  Bridging my two interested spurred the creation of Pursue Victory Apparel, creating properly fitted garments for ladies who rode horses.  As the business grew and my creativity was harder to contain, I started Paige 1912, an off shoot brand using the same proven functional garment construction and added a high fashion, wild west flare!  I am an Alberta girl, born and raised, and proud to be manufacturing the shirts right here in Calgary.  Quality is important to me whether it be the product I sell or the horses I ride.  

Our Responsibility

As a business owner, I feel there is an unwritten responsibility to put out into the world a product and message that will create a better tomorrow.  With that in mind, I focus on delivering a quality product both in fit and longevity that will create a feeling of joy when you put on a button down shirt that actually fits.  I believe clothing has the ability to create the warm excitement and nudge of confidence in our hearts that lifts us up and propels us forward.  Whether that be the arena to run barrels, a board room for a meeting or out for dinner with friends. I would like to create that shirt for you!